Ten Ways To Get Yourself Kicked Out of a Bar

Fighting – The day the bar was introduced to the world, the bar brawl peaked its ugly head out at the end of the night.  Fighting is probably the most common and indisputable way to get ejected.  Anything from a right hook to a battle royal will often result in getting banned as well.

Play Fighting – Whether it is your brother, your best friend or a random associate, wrestling and general hooliganism – no matter how benign the intentions – will result in a trip to the exit door.  For the staff of a bar, what looks like fighting has to be treated like fighting.

Puking – If you manage to “pull the switch” in the bathroom stall where no one really notices, you will probably be able to stay.  But if you decided to physically spill your guts anywhere else in the bar – on dance floor, on your table, on the manager – it means you have crossed your personal drinking threshold and it is time to go.

Sexually Harassing a Waitress or Bartender – We don’t mean to break your heart, but that bartender or waiter/waitress who is so nice and flirty while taking your drink orders is working for tips and at best just a genuinely friendly person.  So refrain from slapping your server’s derriere to get your next round; in fact, don’t touch the staff at all.  Once someone complains, you’re out in the cold.

Falling Asleep – As cute as you look face down in your rocks glass, bartenders and door staff do not assume you are just super tired.  This also means that you have exceeded your body’s alcohol limit.  As a reward, you get a sleepy cab ride home.

Not Getting the Hint / Verbal Assault – You know that attractive patron you keep trying to talk to?  Well he/she isn’t responding for a reason.  They don’t want to talk to you.  And now you are getting angry because you aren’t getting any attention.  Do not get physical.  Move on.

Attempting Enter While Intoxicated – Obviously, you can’t get thrown out for this because you aren’t even inside yet.  But, that doesn’t stop the door staff from ending your night before it starts.  These guys have eyes.  They just saw you stumble out of the bar across the street because you were cut off.  Well, guess what, that means you are cut off here too.  Good night.

Stealing – Not a good idea to try and pilfer a patron’s purse or wallet, or a beer from the bar that you’ve not pad for. Go home.


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